My First 15 Days of Whole30

The night before I started Whole30 I was nervous. I had read and researched and prepped, but all of that preparation couldn’t calm my nerves. What if I couldn’t do it? What if I cheated or messed up? All of the what ifs kept me awake for half of the night. But, when I awoke the next morning, my nerves had turned to excitement. And that excitement gave way to determination.

So, I jumped in and I started. One meal at a time. One craving at a time. And after 15 days of eating whole foods and following the Whole30 plan, I have learned so much about myself and about this process.

My First 15 Days of Whole30 - Squishy Cheeks and Cupcakes


  1. I have more willpower than I give myself credit for – I’ve sat next to my husband as he ate ice cream and I didn’t ask for a bite. I’ve wanted to stop at my usual gas station and pick up a couple of donuts, but didn’t. I sat with friends who were eating pizza and drinking wine, and I calmly drank my LaCroix water. It definitely wasn’t easy to do, but I can honestly say that I have impressed myself so far.
  2. Dining out sucks! – and it is super stressful!  I went out with my parents and kids for mother’s day. Even after researching the menu and speaking with the server about how I would like my meal prepared, I was still not able to enjoy my meal. It’s difficult putting the control in someone else’s hands. When I took a bite of my eggs, I thought for certain I tasted butter. I had my mom take a bite and she assured me that she did not taste butter. But, it was too late, I couldn’t get past the thought of eating something non-compliant without knowing.
  3. My guts were a hot mess & I didn’t even know it – Until I started to live without constant gas and bloating, I really had no idea that what I was feeling was not normal. Some nights I would lay in bed and it literally felt like there was a baby inside me kicking. After 15 days of Whole30, no kicking, no bloating, and more regular bms (sorry, TMI).
  4. Sugar detox is no joke! – I’ve always known that I was a sugar addict. I LOVE me some sweet treats. After only one day of eating foods with no added sugar, I experienced what I can only believe to be sugar detox. I had the chills and I felt nauseous all day. I thought I was coming down with the flu until it hit me that night that I was experiencing sugar withdrawals. It just goes to show what a powerful drug sugar can be.
  5. Starting over is not an option – With the Whole30, if there is one slip up, you must start over. There are no cheat days or modifications to the plan. You follow the rules for 30 days, period. While this seems very strict and like it would make it hard for some to follow, I think it has made it easier for me to stick to it. I keep telling myself, “I can do anything for 30 days”. The true payoff will be understanding what foods I can tolerate and what it feels like to have a healthy body. And once I started noticing the NSVs (non scale victories) I was even more determined to keep going.

So, I kept going. I relaxed a bit on my meal planning, I found my groove, and before I knew it, it was day 30!

Stop back and check out all of my NSVs and my tips for completing your own Whole30.


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