Sertoma Butterfly House

Last weekend, on our way to a wonderful girl’s weekend at my aunt’s house, Peanut, my mom and I stopped by the Sertoma Butterfly House & Marine Cove in Sioux Falls, SD.

It was a great little pit stop. Peanut had a blast running around the atrium but just couldn’t get those darn butterflies to land on her (maybe because she was running around?)  I did – and almost took a little winged friend home with us – which apparently is a federal offense (i didn’t realize i had a butterfly on my purse – luckily the volunteer caught it before i walked out!)
Before we left, Peanut had to go back into the aquarium and pet the sharks. Both of them. Twice.  
This girl has no fear.  

3 thoughts on “Sertoma Butterfly House

  1. I live in Sioux Falls! Found your comment about being a Minnesota blogger on Peacoats & Plaid blog, so thought I'd check you out 🙂 I'm originally from Minnesota too. Love the Butterfly House!

    I just started blogging over at Please check it out and connect with me – maybe we can get together in Sioux Falls some time!

  2. Taking a butterfly cannot possibly be an actual federal offense!

    Looks like it was a super fun time! I would have also pet the sharks! Though my kids.. probably not!

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