Monthly Fitness Challenge: January

It’s time to start the monthly fitness challenge!  If you would like to join the fun, hook up with the Facebook group here.  The Facebook group will be a place to regularly check in, encourage, and hold each other accountable.  A place for support.
To start things off, we’ll work on a little total body tone up with four separate challenges.  
Today we will start with the 7 DAY ARMS CHALLENGE.
Before starting, look over the videos that demonstrate each move and remember to take it easy when first starting.  You may want to take a before picture to document all of your awesome progress over the next week.
The challenge is written to start on a Monday, but I am going to start on a Sunday because, well, that’s when my week starts.
I’m excited to get started on this challenge and ready to work toward my goal of a healthier me!
And if you’re curious, here are the links to the rest of the month’s challenges.
I want to thank Skinny Ms. for these kick-butt challenges!

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