Monthly Fitness Challenge: February

Hey – it’s February!  That means it’s time for another challenge.  This month, I’m focusing on an area that I DEFINITELY need to work on, the abs.  Not only because I’m carrying a little (ok, maybe more than a little) smooshiness around the middle, but also because I have a very bad low-back and it’s been giving me some trouble lately.  I’m hoping that if I can strengthen the abs, the low-back should straighten up a bit.  

Here’s the plan for February – a 24 day challenge originally from Brazen Fit 24-Days Ab Challenge.
Squishy Cheeks & Cupcakes
I’m keeping it simple with only three basic exercises to learn and master, each one getting progressively more difficult with added reps.  
If you haven’t joined the Monthly Fitness Challenge Facebook Page, you can click here to join now.  A great way to stay accountable and motivated – and you could meet some really fantastic people!!  
Do you have any fitness challenges this month?  I’d love to hear about them.  
xo,  Jenn

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