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Almost one year ago I came across a network of bloggers in Minnesota, and being new to blogging, I jumped at the chance to connect with others who have a passion for and experience with blogging.  This group of bloggers has been an amazing source of support and new friendships.  I’ve met some really terrific ladies through this whole blogging gig.

Squishy Cheeks & Cupcakes
borrowed from the MN Bloggers blog
As bloggers we tend to love sharing and documenting our lives so naturally, we’ve created a MN Bloggers Instagram account to share even more!  Each week, a new member of the MN Bloggers group takes control of the account and has the opportunity to share their world.  This week, it’s my turn to take over.  
I won’t promise you’ll be blown away with my artsy and perfectly lit photos, but I can guarantee pictures of my adorable 2-year-old, yarn, some inspiring quotes, and of course a few shameless plugs for my Etsy shop and this blog.  
Squishy Cheeks & Cupcakes
See…cute kid
If you are a blogger in Minnesota and would like to connect with some amazing ladies (gents are welcome too – just none yet) join the MN Blogger Facebook group.
Follow MN Bloggers on Instagram at  Comment below with your Instagram name so we can stalk follow you!

xo, Jenn

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  1. I love it when relationships are formed over the web. I've met some wonderful people who started out as business or blog connections. Glad to hear you have a tight knit group in MN.

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