Thursday, December 11, 2014

Second Time Around: differences between my first & second pregnancies

Now that I've started to feel better and am not spending every night trying not to hack up a lung, I've had some time to focus on my pregnancy and being pregnant once again.  There's something peculiar about pregnancy and the way childbirth or the time passed between pregnancies makes you forget about what it was really like being pregnant the last time. Or maybe that's just me and my terrible memory.

I feel like this time around is all kinds of different for me...

 - Morning sickness, A.K.A. all damn day sickness seemed to be even more terrible with this little nugget.  Although my husband claims the first time was the worst.  I think it all depends on perspective - he saw me not eating anything other than cereal and going to bed at 6:00 pm with the first pregnancy.  This time, I've had to somewhat function with starting a new job and having a 3-year-old to take care of.  I, on the other hand, would have given anything to head to bed before dinner time - but, I didn't really think Peanut was ready for the responsibility of making her own dinner and putting herself to bed :)

- I have been sick with bronchitis for more than 2 months and have seen a plethora of doctors lately.  I know that a lot of women would gasp knowing that I have taken two rounds of prednisone and multiple antibiotics to try to survive this damn thing.  I have had some pretty miserable moments, usually around 3:00 in the morning, when I've only gotten two hours of sleep and am unable to breathe.  While I really didn't want to put my baby at risk by putting anything unnecessary in my body, ultimately, my health and sanity won out and I'm happy to say that doctor #6 has found the fix.  I'm now on twice a day inhaled steroids that are class B for pregnancy and I'm able to sleep laying down in my own bed all night long.  Hallelujah, it's a Christmas miracle.

- I don't really remember when I first felt the baby move (bad memory), but I have been so preoccupied with my own health, that I feel like I've totally neglected paying attention to this little one growing inside of me.  I know that I've felt movements, just very little and usually first thing in the morning when I'm still in bed.  Although, there was that one time when the baby was having a little dance party while I was driving to the craft store - he/she knows when it's time to celebrate.  

- The time between doctor appointments (I mean the fun ones where I get to hear/see the baby) seem like an eternity apart.  Maybe it's because I'm nervous about how my health is affecting the baby, but I have honestly been considering buying an at-home Doppler machine, just so I can check on baby's heartbeat regularly.  4 weeks apart!?  My goodness people - don't you realize how neurotic mothers-to-be are?

- And what the hell has happened to my skin?  I don't remember having this bad of acne with my first pregnancy.  I wouldn't say that I have a terrible complexion to begin with and I know that a lot of other women probably have it much worse, but I've discovered a colony of pimples living on my chin and jaw line.  Luckily, at the start of my pregnancy I was given the Clear Proof Acne System by Mary Kay to try from Influenster.

The cleanser is extremely gentle and I love the way the toner feels on my face.  There's something very satisfying about seeing the extra dirt and grime you remove with a toner show up on that white cotton ball.  The acne treatment gel is a perfect spot treatment and the oil-free moisturizer works great with my combination skin.  One way to know that it's working is not only the noticeable difference in my complexion, but that I can tell when I haven't been using it.  Those pesky pimples pop back up and I know it's time to stop being lazy and time to start getting back to using the system again.

Oh the joys of pregnancy!  Definitely not all roses and teddy bears over here, but I'm past the half-way point and am starting to get excited for baby to come.  Time to witch into nesting mode!

top photo - photo credit: Kit4na via photopin cc
Mary Kay products courtesy of Influenster - all opinions are my very own.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Snow Day

Well, that's it - Fall is officially over her in Minnesota and Winter is in full swing.  Last Monday we woke up to a heavy blanket of snow (boo) and a day off from school (yahoo!).  Peanut's reaction to seeing the snow outside was great - she ran into my room after having peeked outside:

"Mama, it SNOWED! We get to go outside and play!"  

Followed by lots of running around and twirling.  Then grabbing my hand and pulling me to the window so I could see for myself.  

I love her excitement!!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Big Sister

We have some big news!

We couldn't be more excited and Peanut is hoping for a little sister.  She just can't wait until "her baby" is here!!  

Friday, October 10, 2014

The Truth About Blogging

As hard as this is for me to admit, there was a time when I wanted this blog to be big.
I wanted to make money blogging and quit my job.
I wanted to be that DIY blogger that ended up in magazines or on Martha
I wanted to plan posts, stage photos, edit, write and promote my posts on multiple social platforms at the optimal times throughout the day.
I wanted to travel to blogging conferences and I wanted sponsors to send me there.
I wanted to make friends with other bloggers and find my 'tribe'.

The truth is...that shit is HARD and it takes A LOT of time.  And when you are a full-time-work-outside-of-the-home mom and have a family that depends on you for meals, bedtime stories, and the occasional intimate moment with your husband - it's just not possible.  At least not for me.

Before all of that, when I first started this blog, what I wanted was different.  I simply wanted to share my story; the story of my family and to save our cherished memories; to hang on to those thoughts and feelings that at one time were once so important to me.  And that's what I want for this blog once again.

It's time to climb out of the blogging rabbit hole and simplify things.  Time to return to what's important in my life and sharing it with my true voice.


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